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Ava Azadeh a întrebat 2 ani în urmă


Hello, I am a foreign student at UMF Cluj-Napoca on November after an argument with my ex boyfriend

He took my phones and laptop and destroyed them(by throwing them in the river).

I made a complaint at police office and he asked for time to repay the damages.

But now he is trying to reduce the amount of money he has to pay by saying that the belongings were not new.

I really need to know and get advice about this matter.

I bought those belongings new and used them myself and it is really unfair that now I am obliged to get them for a second hand price and by the money he offers I can’t barely find anything in good condition.

And I don’t know if the police and law give importance to the other damages he indirectly caused by destroying my belongings such as losing important documents, pictures and since I’m student I had difficulty studying for my exams without laptop and he was mentally aggressing me the whole time because he was not getting into any agreements about this matter with me.

I really don’t know anything about the law in Romania and I really feel unsupported in this situation.

I appreciate your attention and kind response in advance.

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