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Divorce Lawyer Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest | How do we protect our rights in case of divorce?

We know how important family is for our clients. Therefore, our divorce lawyer aims to provide legal assistance and representation in family law disputes and tries to find the best solution for you and those you mostly care about.

Before any legal actions, we must first discuss all legal implications relevant to your case. This way, your interests are protected in an efficient manner and the advice we give is focused only on protecting your family life.

During our first free consultation in matters of family problems, we try to answer all your questions. With the help of our lawyers you will not have to make all those difficult decisions all by yourself, you will always have our trustworthy advice. View our complete offer by accessing: Lawyer .

Family Law Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: What services do we offer within family law?

We offer services such as:

  • Divorce Lawer and child custody lawyer:
    • Negotiation and concluding divorce through agreement;
    • Consultancy and legal advice;
    • Legal assistance and representation;
    • Drafting actions: welcome actions / divorce counterclaim;
    • Drafting actions and representation in juvenile custody procedure and regarding child-support payment;
    • Drafting and supporting actions in establishing / denial of paternity of the child born in wedlock or out of wedlock;
    • Legal representation of Romanian citizens who live abroad before the courts in Romania;
    • Legal advice on the procedure for recognition of the divorce completed abroad;
    • Translation and authentication of the marital status and court decisions;
    • Romanian recognition divorce settlements from abroad - Exequatur.
  • Lawyer for Division of Household Items:
    • Negotiation for concluding possessions division by agreement;
    • Consultancy and legal advice;
    • Legal assistance and representation in the division of joint assets;
    • Drafting actions: welcome actions / counterclaims in household division;
    • Dividing joint property during marriage or after its dissolution;
    • Drafting transactions.
  • Adoption and Placement Lawyer

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