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testimonials lawyer

testimonials lawyer

Mihai Arghire - Sales Manager & Trainer, Brightway

testimonials lawyer

Marius is our trusted partner when it comes to creating and protecting our intellectual property, financial consultancy, corporate law, commercial law, and even representation in court. Marius always proved to be an exemplary professional, both in usual situations, and in very complex issues. He helped us reach our objectives and to enhance some of the business processes in our company. I highly recommend the services provided by Marius Todeancă to any person wants to solve a legal issue or need judicial advice.

Vieriu Daniela – Botosani testimonials lawyer

Attorney Marius Todeancă, a literally honourable man, ready to support other people in their times of need...

Through professionalism, skill and devotion to your interests he can solve cases where equitable settlement, and your rights are being blocked by higher interests or influent people. Also, he can be of help in cases that require a particularly complex knowledge of the law.

I kindly recommend him, based on my personal experience in similar situations.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with lawyer Marius Todeancă in several cases from different branches of law (criminal, civil, labor, commercial and contravention law). His professional experience, but even more, his strategic ideas of addressing certain issues, helped me to obtain favorable solutions before the court of law.

I must also mention that, in every case, a correct fee was negotiated, depending on the case. I recommend you to request his services if you wish to be assisted / represented in court by an honest man, intelligent and reliable.

I.C.R. –UAIC Iasi Student

Marius Todeancă - the specialist from whom I learned how to create a true court-welcoming 🙂

Thank you so, so much for winning my case. I really think you are a good lawyer, because you agreed to help me, whatever the outcome. Congratulations and I am sure you will have a successful career! testimonials lawyer

I am truly proud to have met you!

M.M. – Cluj Napoca

My feedback is positive: Your website is very useful, and I received an answer to my problem very quickly.

The fact that I found out quickly and from a credible source if I am legally right or wrong, helped me to making my following decisions. testimonials lawyer

T. - Arad


Your reply confirmed my way previous beliefs.

Thank you for the prompt and honest reply.

On a scale from 1-10, I would give you 10.

G.O. - Italy

Thank you so much for your support. When I decide to start the process you are the only person I could trust. Currently I would like to get consent from my children who still suffer from the "mud" they were dragged into by their father and do not want another conflict. I found the phone number that I think is yours and I will contact you. Regarding the address you gave me, I knew this already. I think I will find the details. But I promise I will contact you as soon as possible because the situation is quite tense and I feel down. Thank you so much for your support and trust that I will call for your help.

V.R.- Iasi

Thank you so much for a complete response.



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