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You can get free legal advice to the extent that your request does not involve an effort from the Lawyer's Office. The legal advice you will receive does not represent a professional relationship between the lawyer and yourself. The answers you will receive from our specialists are merely a professional source of information and guidance. They do not engage any contractual obligations from the lawyer's part or other other such mutual obligations.

The information presented on this website is not provided based on the attorney - client relationship. Also, is not intended to replace legal advice that can be obtained from a legally contracted lawyer. Therefore, it is solely your independent choice if you decide to act based on our advice in whole or in part. does not take any responsibility for any consequences that might arise from the decisions that may be undertaken based on our reply or on the information you receive by request from marius.todeanca {@}

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    Hi! Could you help with one thing for clarification? If a foreign company rents an address for banking purpose could it be recognized as a representative office in Romania?
    Thank you in advance