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Financial Consultancy Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: How can we improve your finances?

We support all kinds of companies or NGOs to save time and money. We offer specialized financial consultancy services and tax law advice.

Effective planning and financial consultancy are mandatory if you want to survive the present business environment. In collaboration with us, our clients are able to solve their tax-related or financial problems. Our advice takes into account all financial implications and specific problems that derive from your current transactions.

Tax Consultancy Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: Which services do we offer?

Together with our partners we offer:

  • Financial consulting and tax law advice (identification of all taxes and contributions required in different types of legal entities)
  • Capitalization of financial opportunities;
  • Tax consulting and financial advisory;
  • Legal advice on financial accounting and tax legislation;
  • Legal advice for obtaining credit, attracting investors, feasibility studies and business plans;
  • Legal assistance in tax matters, especially on optimizing the activity of the company and the correct interpretation of tax legislation;
  • Periodic notifications about legislative changes in the tax field;
  • Legal assistance during checks / tax audits;
  • Assistance and representation before courts and tax authorities.

Our goal is to assist you in maximizing your company's profitability. Together with our specialists in business consulting you will get maximum results with minimum financial investment. You can find further details about on our home page: Lawyer .

Request specialized tax advice from a commercial lawyer by filling in the form on our CONTACT page.

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