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Debt Collection Attorney Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: How can we improve debt collection procedures?

Our law office also deals with debt recovery for civil and commercial customers. In many of our successful cases we have successfully managed to identify the real financial situation of the debtor. debt collection attorney

In trying to be one step ahead of the competition and other creditors, our customers benefit from free legal and financial analysis of their debtors. We support the risk reduction by l providing useful information about customers, partners, and about potential customers.

Before an important partnership or transaction is secured, we advise our clients to study a professional reliability report. It should contain data on solvency, seriousness and commercial history of individuals or legal entities, business partners or prospects. debt collection attorne.

We can successfully support you during the initial negotiation, which would aim to achieve a settlement regarding the civil or commercial debt payment. Only if the debtor shows malevolence, then we will proceed to court. You can also tap into other kinds of legal services found on our home page: Law Office Iasi.

Iasi Debt Collection: What kind of debt collection procedures do we use?

The procedures that our law office practices are always customized according to each case and each business:

  • Mutual Agreement Procedure - Non-judicial
  • Legal proceedings - Summons for payment and Payment Ordinance
  • Insolvency procedures- Law 85/2006
    • General procedure
    • The bankruptcy proceedings
    • Simplified procedure

Using friendly debt collection procedures, we try to apply the principle by which we guide our entire legal work. Win-Win - Win together!

This method involves the smallest financial investment and proves to be highly effective. The aim is to avoid the worsening of of both parties' financial situation. We try to solve each situation amicably so that commercial relationships with those specific partners can continue.

Following the first steps, if the debtor does not meet your requirements in real pecuniary procedure, the litigation to recover debts through judicial means is initiated.

Tell us more about your specific situation by filling in the form on the Legal Advice section and one of our specialists will contact you shortly.

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