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Criminal Law Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: How can we help in criminal law cases?

Our in-depth knowledge in the criminal law field led us to make this one of the main areas of our Office practice. We are confident that we have built a wide and solid batch of experience that highly recommends us in this domain.

Criminal lawyer Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest offers personalized legal advice in all derivatives of criminal law. Only a criminal law specialized lawyer can develop the right strategy that can lead you to achieve your goal.

We have the support of trustworthy partners and collaborators - professionals in legal expertise, tax, accountancy, medical fields. Thus, we can cover different types of offenses stipulated in the Criminal Code and other special laws. As criminal defenders, we manage to remain flexible in any hard situation. We come up with solutions even when new information is disclosed, sometimes unfamiliar for the client himself.

In the criminal law field, we provide assistance in complex and diversified cases. We use all of our resources in order to achieve the expected results, and we can be of help in several important areas. We are involved in cases of organized crime, corruption, economic crimes and computer crimes. For other areas of law in which we specialize, go to our home page Iasi Lawyer.

 Which type of criminal law assistance do we offer?

We offer advice, assistance and representation in all phases of the trial, as follows:

  • Legal assistance and representation before the courts (first instance, appeal and second appeal);
  • Assistance and representation in criminal proceeding stages in front of the prosecution (police, DNA, DIICOT);
  • Both in the prosecution stage and in the trial stage:
    • Collecting and managing evidence in defense;
    • Requests for replacement or revoking preventive measures;
    • Requests for provisional release under judicial control;
    • Requests for removal of the seizure.
  • In the execution stage of any given criminal punishment:
    • Requests for parole;
    • Appeals to execution;
    • Requests for interruption / delay of the execution of punishment;
    • Requests for merging of applied penalties.
  • Promoting complaints and appeals against the resolution / ordinance prosecutor;
  • Drafting and submission of criminal complaints for the competent authorities;
  • Representing civil parties in all phases of the trial regardless of the competent court.

You have the right to be defended!

The right to defense, a fundamental principle of criminal law, also stated in the Constitution, is guaranteed for any individual, regardless of his status of suspect, defendant and other parties in a criminal trial. Alongside a criminal defender you will be assured that the all involved authorities will ensure full exercise of procedural rights required in the administration of the defense evidence.

To be assured of the efficacy of the handling of the defense evidences, we highly recommend to any accused party/defendant to avoid giving any statement if they are not accompanied by a specialized lawyer. Any statement can have consequences and anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. In our opinion, the statement is the main tool that the defendant can use, and it can prevent criminal charges if formulated accordingly.

Together we can develop the ideal strategy to obtain the best result possible. Of course, it all depends on the status you have in the criminal proceedings.

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