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Civil Lawyer Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: How can we assist in your civil case? 

We are continually up-to-date with all legal texts that could be of help in solving your problems. Together with our civil lawyer partners, we are always ready to suggest viable solutions in order for you to feel protected and in the area of civil law.

Before concluding an act or a legal agreement you should invariably consult an attorney specialized in civil law. This way you can benefit from advice and assistance regarding enforcement, cessation, court proceedings, or any adjacent element of civil law.

Civil Lawyer Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest will provide the necessary legal support regarding judicial services related to the protection and enhancement of legitimate rights. We support your interests arising from civil law relations: rights and obligations, contracts, property / shared ownership, tort, insurance, housing rights, honour and dignity of the individual and beyond. Whether you need a lawyer for settling an inheritance or for civil claims in the divorce process, our team will be at your disposal. If you want to find out about other areas of expertise, please consult our Iasi Attorney home page.

Civil Lawyer Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest: What are the civil law services that we offer?

After a careful legal investigation of your case, we can offer:

  • Legal consultancy on:
    • Obtaining approvals and permits for individuals and companies;
    • Negotiating, drafting and approval of contracts, legal documents, addenda, as well as notifications or transactions;
    • Assistance and representation in local government (City, County Council / Local City Hall, etc.)
    • Assistance before BNP;
    • Cancellation, revocation or termination of contracts: sale and purchase, lease, loan, grant, license, franchise, consulting, warranty, know-how, services, transport, web services and others;
    • Conciliation, negotiation and conflict mediation.
  • Assistance and legal representation in court:
    • Actions of recovery;
    • granituire actions;
    • Actions concerning the right of servitude;
    • Contracts termination;
    • Liability claims / tort;
    • Actions in constatation / cancellation;
    • Acquiring property by adverse possession actions;
    • Claims and debt collection actions;
    • Evauation actions and possessor actions;
    • Cancelling inheritance documents/wills;
    • Output from joint and inheritance partition; heritage debate; establishment of inheritance, heirs and allowance parties;
    • Assistance and representation in foreclosure phase;
    • Drafting of appeals for enforcement;
    • Assistance and representation before the European Court of Human Rights;
    • Assistance and representation before any national and international bodies of jurisdictional activity.

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