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Our law Firm Iasi Bacau Bucharest - Marius Todeancă aims to offer business assistance and support companies in commercial practice, towards the final purpose of maximizing profitability and turnover. We have a well-developed sense of reality at any time and exquisite support from our partners. Hence, we succeed in covering a full range of customer needs: business consultancy, legal advice and also representation in court.

We are constantly abreast of legislative changes and current practices associated with commercial law and other business areas.

Based on in-depth knowledge of the legal sector, our law office in Iasi always considers the company's strategic and operational needs. Together with our partners, we provide solutions that support our customers to develop and improve current products and services. Moreover, we can help your company create and expand new market opportunities.

What are the benefits of working with Lawyer's Office Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest?

Our Law Office will improve and better organize the profile of your company. We can achieve that by upgrading the official paper trail and facilitating the registration in the Trade Register Office. We show support by protecting you from "surprises" caused by other partners/shareholders. Also we can represent you successfully in the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Furthermore, when signing contracts with customers or suppliers we advise you to have a lawyer by your side, in order to better understand all contract terms and to avoid any potential negative repercussions. This will help you prevent time-loss, useless expenses or unwanted conflicts. You can find more details about our team of consultants on our home page: Law Office .

Remember that the balance between the quality of the services we provide and the investment required is built in your favour!

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