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The limited time in which we must act requires pertinent information about the legal consequences of our acts and deeds. We know that you are now in a difficult situation, so we are here to help! Regardless of the criminal liability or law charge you are facing, Iasi Marius Todeancă Office is prepared to act with adequate professional diligence.  Attorney iasi, attorney bacau, attorney bucharest, law office.

What is worse than restricting fundamental rights and freedoms?

Your behaviour has been categorized as being of criminal nature? In this case, the state, through its authorities, directly restricts your fundamental rights and freedoms. If prevention actions have not been successful, our team of attorneys will help you overcome unpleasant moments.

Human nature leads us to look for the easiest solution with minimal effort. In order not to distort the tasks we have to complete, the solution found, even if it has an ephemeral existence, should be legal.

What do you gain by working with Law Office Iasi | Bacau | Bucharest?

When dealing with individual clients, we provide legal assistance and representation services cantered towards finding a creative solution in solving the problems each client is facing. attorney iasi, attorney bacau, attorney bucharest.

We believe that our experience can help you to find the best solution to your problem.

You can directly reach our team of attorneys - Lawyer  - through the form on our CONTACT Lawyer Page.

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